It has been a while…

Close to a year in fact since I last wrote on this blog. So much for the idea of posting a few times a week to flex my creative muscles. It has been a busy year, though, and there has only been so much time in my life to try and fit everything into.

In the last year I’ve gone from volunteering time at a charity bookshop to working there as management, been roped into herding nerds on a weekly basis as well as planning a major part of an annual geekathon, met a couple of awesome/wonderful/amazing people who are unfortunately on the other side of the world, and went to Disneyworld.

It has been a busy year.

How this came to be, or Serendipity leads to WordPress

A few days ago I was renewing this domain while talking with a friend about fantasy settings and our different ideas about them. One thing led to another and I found myself feeling joy in just creating something for the first time in ages.

At the same time a WordPress ad popped up during the domain renewal, asking if I wanted to install it onto my apparently new domain. Normally I would have closed it without a second thought but the chat and the ideas and the sheer joy of creative writing made me reconsider. I had dabbled in blogs before but could never sustain my writing and just ended up trailing off into oblivion or self-destructing moping. Then again that was LiveJournal… what LJ wasn’t moping about something?

This time was different. I had a topic to blog about, the time to do it, and even some enthusiasm to write. So why not?